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Predator V4 Compact Reflex Red Dot Sight For Pistol or Rifle

Predator V4 Compact Reflex Red Dot Sight For Pistol or Rifle

  • It wasn’t long ago that you had to shell out serious cash for a dependable reflex sight that could handle the constant reciprocating punishment of a semi-automatic pistol. Those days are fortunately now gone. Introducing the Predator V4 Compact Reflex Sight. Constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum and beefed up in all the right places, this optic will have no problem taking some serious punishment. The glass clarity of this optic easily rivals big industry names, provides true to environment color, and has very little fisheye during movement. This optic has 10 adjustable brightness settings usable in both direct sunlight and under night vision with the two dimmest settings (tested with white phosphor dual tubes). With 50,000 hours of battery life on the middle setting, this optic truly gives you the confidence that the dot will always be there when you need it. Complimenting this long battery life, this optic has a three-minute auto-off feature based on motion to conserve battery life. When sitting in a safe or in a drawer the optic will remain off. Even the slightest bit of movement will kick the dot back on. The dot is a 2 MOA dot that lends well to precise shots when needed as well as quick dot acquisition. The mounting footprint is identical to the Trijicon RMR, the most common and widely used footprint on the market. The battery sits under the optic, so the optic must be removed from the slide or riser to change out the battery. We recommend checking the zero on the optic after removal, but with the long battery life and battery conservation features, your battery changes will be years apart. The optic is fully waterproof and submersible up to 3 meters.

The Predator V4 Pistol Optic:

  • Auto-Off / Shake-Awake
  • 50,000 Hours Battery Life
  • 3 Reticles (2 MOA Dot, 32 MOA Circle, 32 MOA Circle + 2 MOA Dot)
  • Matches Trijicon RMR / Holosun 507C footprint.
  • Additional Information

    Predator V4 Riser

    • The PV4 reflex sight riser is the same footprint as the Trijicon RMR and the Holosun 507c. (Any other optics which are not the following footprints will not work.)
    • The height of the riser is 1 inch.
    • Will mount to any standard picatinny rail.
Sales Tax Included
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