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IFAK V1 Refill Supply Kit

IFAK V1 Refill Supply Kit


Anyone can save a life with this Individual First Aid Kit. Civilians, Outdoor Enthusiasts, Teachers, First Responders, and Military Personnel. Everything in this refill med kit is geared toward controlling bleeding, dressing the wound, packing the wound, preventing infection, opening airways, and shock prevention until first responders arrive. The smallest IFAK Trauma Kit on Amazon can be stored ANYWHERE, and still contain everything needed to save a life and treat everyday wounds. This fits ANY size med pouch, small backpack pocket, glove box, center console, in a drawer, small purse, and even in a jacket pocket. Z-Fold Compressed Gauze to pack wound, Nasopharyngeal Airway to open airway, TPE Tourniquet to control bleeding, Chest Seal to close sucking chest wound, Antiseptic Wipes to prevent infections, First Aid bandages for cuts and scrapes, and much more included! ZERO risk purchase and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
Number of Pieces: 32

  • Product Info

    Included Components

    Number of Pieces: 32
    (1) Chest Seal
    (1) Compressed Gauze
    (1) Emergency Blanket
    (1) PVC Gloves
    (4) Standard Adhesive Bandages
    (4) Butterfly Bandages
    (2) Knuckle Bandages
    (5) Alc. Prep Pads
    (5) BZK Antiseptic Towelettes
    (2) Sterile Gazue Pad 2″ x 2″
    (2) Adhesive Wound Dressing
    (1) Nasopharyngeal Airway
    (1) Medical Tape
    (1) TPE Tourniquet
    (1) ABD Pad

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