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Halex Foregrip

Halex Foregrip

Named for the center talon of raptorial birds, ​this ultra ​light weight foregrip weights less than 1oz even with the included hardware for MLok and Keymod.  
The Halex foregrip ​features a uniquely versatile ergonomic design that is the first to accommodate all common holding styles.

  • Supinated (angled) Grip
  • Vertical Pistol Grip
  • C-Clamp Grip

Design features an integrated forward hand stop.

​Made with an abrasion resistant high strength polymer heavily reinforced with Carbon Fiber, these foregrips are surprisingly rugged and extremely stiff.
​”Rough in a good way”, Halex foregrips & Vektor hand grips are made with a texture designed to interface with the natural roughness profiles of fingerprints and many glove fabrics to continue to provide grip in wet or dirty conditions. ​As with all Future Forged grips, Halex foregrips have a lifetime guarantee against critical damage or defect.
Required to mount

  • 3 free Mlok Rail slots
  • 5 free Keymod slots
    Sales Tax Included
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