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Combat Tourniquet (Holder option)

Combat Tourniquet (Holder option)


It stops the bleeding quickly and efficiently with one hand. One-Handed application of this military tourniquet allows you to apply this yourself to stop the bleeding to an extremity even if you’re by yourself. A must-have for everyone! Quickly stop the bleeding to any wounded extremity in seconds. Keeping a TQ near you at all times will give you the opportunity to save a life until emergency services arrive. Only the most indestructible nylons and reinforced polymers went into the production of this tourniquet. Whether you’re in a freezing environment, wet climate, or subject to high heat… this TQ will NOT fail. LIFETIME WARRANTY!  All of our products at Tacticon Armament are 100% Guaranteed For Life! We are an All-American United States based company with real humans available to help you with anything you need.

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