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AR-15 Thin Line of Service Grips

AR-15 Thin Line of Service Grips

These grips are designed tough and dedicated to the service men & women who keep this country together.
This grip set is designed to enhance shooting performance in the most critical duty applications. We generously overbuilt these grips with advanced carbon fiber reinforced polymer composite with a simple design that confidently provides comfort and control at a professional level.
Designed for rifles where low drag light weight applications where speed and control is critical for surviving a situation. Where gloves, blood, water and cold weather are common. Whichever shade line you walk, this rifle grip and foregrip is designed to help you get the job done and look good doing it.
Grip Features

  • 1911 style beavertail design for leverage & ideal trigger finger alignment.
  • Laser sculpted 3D Star spangled all weather grip texture on sides.
  • Light weight yet rigid feel. ~1.7oz grip + 1oz. Foregrip
  • Carbon fiber internal space frame structure insulates hand from receiver in cold environments.
  • Skeletonized frame design guarantees your hand & wrist are aligned with the bore axis of the rifle. This promotes “Aim by Feel” muscle memory for quicker target acquisition and ultimately better accuracy.

Select a stripe color

  • BLUE – Law Enforcement
  • RED – Fire & Rescue
  • GREEN – Military, Border Patrol, Ranger services, Wildlife Officers & Agents.
  • YELLOW– Dispatchers*
  • SILVER/GREY – Corrections
  • ORANGE – EMT, Search & Rescue
  • WHITE/RED – Nurses
  • Personalization

    ADD PERSONALIZED ENGRAVING – Personal message or title is available on the lower tang or rear of the grip. +$15  ex. Cheif, Sheriff, Sergent, Cpt., “NAME”.

Sales Tax Included
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